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The climate is a
common good,
of all and for all.


Our law office was basically founded in 1974. Founders of the partnership were Dr. Hellmuth Boller and Dr. Günter Langhammer. In the meantime Dr. Wolfgang Schubert, Mag. Philipp Scheuba, Dr. Thomas Boller, Mag. Franz Szyszkowitz and Mag. Helmut Überbacher became partners of the company.

Our employees are our most important resource

We work together as a team. Our case solutions often develop through team work of expert lawyers with different specializations. Our organizational structure stimulates efficient and subject-specific communication. It is our objective to connect long-term experience with modern dynamics. Therefore, we also cooperate with other law offices and external experts.

Our law office corresponds in English, German, French, Polish, Slovenian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Turkish.

Legal advice for companies

We attend and offer legal advice for companies of every size in Austria, Europe and overseas. Please see "practice areas" for details about our range of activities.

An expert team deals with commercial accounts. Our fully electronic office organisation and connection with the court via data lines also render efficient work with large volume of orders, as for instance in the telecommunication area, possible.

Legal advice for private clients

We attend private clients in all important economically relevant legal matters.

Focal points are tort, especially accidents and medical liability matters, construction matters as well as labour law, law of inheritance, real estate law and rent law.

International activity

Our law office is the only Austrian law firm that is a member of the AVRIO Advocati European Law Firms Association with seat in Brussels and partner companies in all European Union member states as well as countries in Southeast Europe and oversea.

Therefore, a legally substantiated and efficient proceeding for our clients is possible on an international level.



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