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scope of service

Real estate law

The practice area of real estate deals with rights and interests in real estate, sales, rental property, transfer of property, mortagage, closing on a purchase, and various other relevant topics. Most of us, whether directly or indirectly, deal with real estate law matters on a daily basis, affecting homeowners, renting, landlords, home buyers and sellers. In case you are planning to purchase real estate, you should be familiar with the fact that a lawyer is required in order to do such a transaction. Our team of lawyers provide legal guidance for individuals relating to the purchase or sale of real property; ensuring that the transfer is legal and in the best interest of our clients. We at BLS are equipped to prepare and review documents relating to real estate, and advise and represent clients in all building and real estate matters. Among them are all kinds of real estate purchase contracts, the provision of legal assistance regarding the purchase or sale of realties of any size, legal support with the optimization of rental income of a house, and other questions arising in connection with building projects, such as building permits, defects or deficiencies in the construction and thereby resulting problems like compensation for damages and warranty claims, as well as claims stemming from the law concerning the respective interests of neighbors as a consequence of management of works, undermining, descents, crack formations or emission right. Furthermore, as a neutral auditor, BLS provides advice when reviewing the adequacy of rent and running costs.

Portfolio contractual matters

  • Ongoing preparation and review of tenancy agreements as well as support in the leasing and rental processes of various natural persons and legal entities, including well-known companies

  • Regular review of the rental contracts of a retail chain for various business locations, especially in shopping centres

  • Monitoring of the leasing process to a furniture store chain and various other companies

  • Support in the leasing process of the largest tenant of a business and office area in Vienna

  • Representation of the Austrian branch of a French group of companies regarding the expansion of its Austrian offices

Acquisition and sale of real estate

  • Regular preparation and review of contracts as well as support and/or handling of real estate purchases and sales (including due diligences)

  • Assistance in the takeover of a company holding mainly office real estate in the form of a share deal

  • Advice on a takeover of several specialist retail parks through coordinated asset deals

  • Examination of the purchase of properties to be developed, including clarification of dedication issues

  • Support of a residential, office and commercial complex to be built and in connection with this the handling of various tenancy law issues, in particular the dissolution of tenancy rights, instalment payments, eviction settlements

General topics in the field of real estate law

  • Permanent representation and advice to property management companies on all issues arising

  • Representation and advice to a non-profit building and housing cooperative on organ liability issues triggered by a tax problem

  • Representation of law firms in connection with disputed trustee settlements in real estate transactions

  • Representation in two court proceedings concerning a rental guarantee and the requested cancellation of land register securities for this guarantee

  • Representation of a former executive board member of a well-known real estate group in connection with expenses in the context of a takeover that ultimately did not take place