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Kurt Tucholsky

scope of service

Procurement law

The public procurement law regulates the procurement of goods and services by public authorities. In the sphere of consultation, we advise both private clients and companies. As we are particularly specialized in representing the companies, we accompany them prior to the tender phase, in which due to our specific knowledge in the legal as well as in the technical sphere, we are able to remove the ‘tripping stones‘ off the way, which often result in the withdrawal of companies. We are also representing companies who were eliminated in the procurement procedures, or in cases where the contract has been awarded to other companies as a competent partner. We have already represented various well-known companies in numerous review proceedings before the administrative courts. In particular, the clients benefit from our many years of experience, particularly in the selection of the award procedure, the design of the tender documentation and the examination of offers. With the implementation of several EU directives, a completely new Public Procurement Act (BVergG 2018) came into force in Austria in 2018. We are happy to answer your questions regarding the current legal situation.