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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are like any other property right. Creators can be given the right to prevent others from using their inventions, designs or other creations – and to use that right to negotiate payment in return for others using them. These are “intellectual property rights“. These rights are outlined in Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Books, paintings and films come under copyright; inventions can be patented; brandnames and product logos can be registered as trademarks; and so on. Governments and parliaments have given creators these rights as an incentive to produce ideas that will benefit society as a whole. We represent and advise our clients on any legal area regarding Intellectual Property Rights, including Trademark Law, Design Rights, Patent Law and Copyright. Taking into account all national and international provisions and any provisions under Community Law, our legal services encompass all areas regarding intellectual property and utility and design patents. We provide legal consultation services concerning questions of intellectual property rights and we assist you with the application for a design and its copyright protection as well as in the event of enforcing and fending off of claims.