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Inheritance law

When it comes to an inheritance, it is not unusual for disputes to arise in the family. Planning ahead helps to avoid inheritance disputes later on. In 2017, Austrian inheritance law was fundamentally reformed. Spouses, registered partners and descendants are entitled to a compulsory share, while parents and other ancestors are no longer entitled to a compulsory share since the reform. If there are no statutory heirs or heirs appointed in a will, cohabitants have an extraordinary right of inheritance under certain conditions. Since the 2017 inheritance law reform, care services by relatives have been taken into account for the first time with a care legacy. Stricter formal requirements apply to wills. In international inheritance cases, the EU Inheritance Law Regulation has applied in the EU since 2015. Our lawyers advise you on your inheritance planning and on the drafting of wills, inheritance contracts and gift contracts on death. We also represent you in inheritance proceedings in court.