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Employment and Labour Law

Among our tasks are supporting and advising companies on topics like substantial operational changes, outsourcing and human engineering as well as the drafting of contracts for businesses, such as work contracts, employment contracts or contracts for work and services, and the revision of these contracts for employees. Also, in the framework of labor law, we provide legal assistance in case of questions regarding collective agreement classifications, job descriptions and pensions. Furthermore, resignation and dismissal matters and the corresponding claims are important areas in the domain of labor law. In cases of refutations before the Labor and Social Court, our clients trust in our experience as well.

Examples of our legal activities

  • Drafting and revision of employment contracts, contracts for work, service contracts and freelance contracts on a regular basis; classification of such contracts according to their true economical value.

  • Ongoing provision of legal advice in case of questions regarding the termination of employment relationships, whether by means of dismissal (and the corresponding refutation possibilities), a mutual termination or layoff (also in the event of an existing protection against dismissal and lay-offs), and the clarification of lawful claims.

  • Legal advice in connection with restructuring and the corresponding transfer of operations, in particular under consideration of the rights of both the employee and works council as well as the results with respect to the applicability of certain collective bargaining agreements and operation agreements.

  • Provision of legal advice with respect to various reorganization matters in connection with the amalgamation of several different locations and evaluation of a transfer of operations.

  • Provision of legal advice pursuant to employee leasing law, in particular in connection with the conclusion, but also with respect to the termination of contracts under employee leasing law and the transfer of leased employees.

  • Legal advice in connection with secondees and the resulting consequences with respect to social security law.

  • Proactive integration of the works council with respect to intended changes in operations of any kind.

  • Ongoing provision of legal advice in preparation of the conclusion and the content of operation agreements and social-compensation plans, the reorganization of complex systems regarding operation agreements as well as the termination of operation agreements.

  • Permanent legal representation before the labor and social court in all of Austria.

    You can find many more references here:
    Reference List Employment and Labour Law (PDF)

Our legal consultation services pertain to matters such as

  • Working hours (normal work time, overtime, breaks, part-time employment, state of the normal work time and flextime)

  • Fixed-term employment contracts

  • Severance pay

  • Employee protection

  • Maternity leave

  • Occupational injury

  • Damnification of the employer

  • Provisions in connection with company cars, which are also privately used, and other voluntarily granted services

  • Recommendations

  • Managing director under trade law

  • Non-competition clause and non-solicitation clause


  • "At BLS Rechtsanwälte Boller Langhammer Schubert GmbH, Thomas Boller leads on work, mostly advising corporates on the full range of issues including drafting contracts and collective bargaining agreements, dismissal and pension matters."
    - The Legal 500 (2020)

  • Labour & Employment Law Firm of the Year in Austria (Corporate INTL Global Awards 2020)

  • "BLS Rechtsanwälte Boller Langhammer Schubert GmbH acts mainly for large corporations and advises on employment law matters ranging from the drafting and revision of contracts and collective bargaining agreements to resignations, dismissals and pensions. Practice head Thomas Boller is the key contact."
    – The Legal 500 (2019)

  • "With a focus on advising national and international corporations, BLS Rechtsanwälte Boller Langhammer Schubert GmbH is particularly active in restructurings, company transfer, employment termination, working hours and lease personnel matters, but also handles contentious work and acts for board members. Thomas Boller heads the team."
    – The Legal 500 (2018)

  • "BLS Rechtsanwälte Boller Langhammer Schubert GmbH mainly acts for international corporations and assists them with the termination of employment contracts, dismissals and layoffs. Thomas Boller heads the team."
    – The Legal 500 (2016)

  • "Dr. Thomas Boller's labour law firm has managed to add even more high-calibre names to their already remarkable clientele. What makes the firm interesting to clients is among others Boller's double function, as he is also firmly anchored in company law and thus able to cover both sides in a transaction [...]."
    JUVE Journal for business lawyers (July/August 2016)

  • Employment Litigation Law Firm of the Year in Austria (Global Law Experts 2016 Annual Awards)

  • Labour Law Firm of the Year (Acquisition Intl 2016 Legal Awards)

  • "The emphasis of Dr. Thomas Boller's legal practice revolves around the collective and individual provision of legal advice to well-staffed, renowned companies, most of which have been his clients for many years, as well as their legal representation. [...] Aside from Boller's focus on Labour Law, which has been growing strong over the years, he is also very invested in Corporate Law and on a regular basis provides legal advice in connection with mergers and transactions."
    JUVE Journal for business lawyers (July/August 2014)

  • Employment Law Firm of the Year in Austria (Corporate Intl Magazine 2012 Global Award)