Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.

Marlon Brando

scope of service


In principle, everyone is entitled to the confidentiality of their personal data. When processing such data, the data protection regulations must therefore be complied with. An infrigement thereof will be sanctioned with severe penalties and frequently will be processed in the media, which can also result in image losses due to negative reporting. Due to the complex and constantly changing legal framework, the proper way to handle data has become an increasingly important challenge. We help ensure that you comply with the data protection regulations and we advise you regarding the basic data protection regulations. Our consulting services include, in particular, the legal analysis and the data protection-conforming design of your business ideas as well as your website. We also advise on matters relating to international data transfer, outsourcing and cloud computing, and represent in the report and approval procedures before the data protection authority. As a result of our expertise in the related areas of law, such as employment law and contract law, we advise on all data protection queries in connection with the employment relationship (e.g. video surveillance, location, whistleblowing, introduction of IT systems, negotiation and establishment of employment agreements) and draft the necessary contractual declarations (e.g. service agreements, declarations of consent, data protection clarifications, standard contractual clauses). Due to our specialization in insurance law, we regularly provide consulting services in connection with the processing of health data. Also, we represent in case of data breaches and assist affected parties in the assertion of their damage claims under civil law.

Examples of our legal activities

  • Data protection consultancy at the interface to labor law in connection with the installation of a video surveillance system

  • Consultancy of a leading construction company in the course of equipping the vehicle fleet with GPS-tracking device as well as representation hereof in the reporting procedure before the data protection authority

  • Legal analysis of a cloud-based data transfer to the US in connection with a live streaming app, as well as the preparation of the relevant service agreements

  • Data protection consultancy for an insurance company in the expansion of the online sales system