The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.


scope of service

Contract law

Once you sign a contract, you are legally obligated to it. As we come across contracts on a daily basis and many decisions are based on contracts signed by us, the lawyers at our firm have in-depth knowledge and experience to negotiate the terms of your contract and also to protect your interests by representing you in a breach of contract laws. To avoid vagueness or even disputes in advance, BLS supports its clients with the drafting of the contract and prepares contracts designed systematically and unmistakably in line with your objectives. We work with variety of contract matters every day. Among these are: sales contracts, employment contracts, real estate contracts, cooperation agreements, etc. Already existing contracts are revised by our lawyers thoroughly as to their individual needs. Due to our law firm’s international orientation, both the drafting and the revision of the contract are conducted in the German and English language. In addition, we can both draft and review contracts quickly and whilst maintaining an extremely high quality of service. We advise business and individual clients, and treat each client’s case legal issue with integrity and diligence.

Examples of our legal activities

  • We are the trusted Austrian lawyers of a leading global manufacturer with its headquarters in Germany and many subsidiaries in Austria, having more than 2,000 employees in Austria alone, active in the industrial technology. For such client, we regularly draft, negotiate or revise contracts relating to their supply, sale or any other service agreement to be entered into in the course of their ordinary business.

  • We provide regular legal advice to a world wide Austrian power company. Just recently, we have revised all of their contracts with their suppliers and purchasers to that effect that our client's liability is limited to the outmost extent.

  • We have advised a (leading) wind power plant on the sale and implementation of a cross-border supply and installation of their wind turbines lately. For the same company, we have drafted an extensive sales contract subject to Austrian law based on their English sample.

  • We also provide advice to a leading Austrian company in the field of gambling with respect to joint venture agreements.

  • We regularly provide legal advice to the Austrian subsidiary of a world-wide acting technology company.

  • Until their restructuring we have provided advice for 18 years to a well-known global company with its main business in providing imaging solutions (particularly copiers and printers) and network solutions.

  • We provide regular advice with regard to contract law to a leading company in the incineration technology.

  • For one of our clients we continuously provide advice with respect to their software development.

  • We advise a leading company producing supermarket trollies with respect to their commercial law, and in particular contract law issues.

  • In addition to the above mentioned we provide regular advice to a full set of other companies either producing or distributing products.