In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Benjamin Franklin

scope of service

Business criminal law and corporate criminal law

The field of Business Criminal Law includes crimes associated with businesses. Typical allegations are the liked of delayed filing of insolvencies, subsidy fraud and corruption crimes such as bribery and corruptibility. As most commercial and corporate legislation contains criminal sanctions, we assist and represent our clients in all areas subject to law relating to economic offenses, in particular in cases of accusation of acts of negligence. We support our clients in cases of industrial injury and accidents at work, defective designs and breaches of due diligence or obligatory supervision. Furthermore, in case of negligent economic offenses or violation of liability for premises, we can draw from our wide experience in the area of Criminal law. Upon specific request, our law firm is also involved in criminal proceedings. We advise on criminal law compliance and implement appropriate risk management procedures. Whenever clients are prosecuted or became victims of crime, our lawyers can represent them in criminal investigations and proceedings. Our law firm acquired the competencies in this legal area both probably best known from representing a defendant in the “BAWAG trial“ and from our involvement in the “KAPRUN trial.“