Formerly we suffered from crimes, now we suffer from laws.

Publius Cornelius Tacitus

scope of service

Business and Commercial Law

Business law as part of Civil law governs the special rights valid for merchants or entrepreneurs. It takes into account the special needs of businesses, which are generated by the sale and distribution of goods and services. Due to its extensive know-how in the area of Trade law and Commercial law, BLS is able to provide legal advice for businesses and private clients on many general business issues, including but not limited to contracting for individuals or businesses, merger and acquisitions, fundraising, employment and succession planning. Among these services are the provision of legal consultation services when concluding any form of contract by and with businesses, the establishment of general terms and conditions and their application, and consultation services regarding defects liabilitiy in cases of faulty delivery of services. Futhermore, our lawyers at BLS gladly assist you in the event of alterations of business under Corporate law, financing projects or the restructuring of your business. In case of claims or the fending off of claims based on sales contracts or contracts for work and services, we always strive for an economically viable solution for our clients. Clients can trust that our approach to solving their unique business needs is rooted in a desire to assist them in achieving success.