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Paul Schibler

scope of service

Administrative law and administrative criminal law

We represent private individuals as well as companies in all areas of administrative law before the authorities and the court of public law, and also advise municipalities and other public lawyers on questions regarding administrative law. On the basis of the regular representation in licensing procedures for commercial, waste management and water management facilities, authorization procedures in connection with construction projects, procurement procedures, RRP procedures and administrative criminal proceedings (including financial criminal proceedings), we have an extensive experience, particularly in these areas. Especially in the technical field, companies are faced with increasing density regulations which, in addition to compulsory public law, derive from implementing regulations and applicable rules of technology. We support our clients both in the handling of technical damages as well as in the development and coordination of the process and work organization to the observance of the applicable technical standards. Especially on the basis of our constant close cooperation with technical experts, we are able to develop and implement pragmatic and efficient solutions for you.