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Ernst Raupach

scope of service

Accounts receivable collection

When customers or clients do not pay their accounts when they fall due, and when they become overdue, then is when the accounts receivable collection becomes necessary. An outstanding amount puts pressure on any company and takes away from the economic success. Even if the individual amounts are low, altogether considerable total debts accumulate, thus, making the outsourcing to a team specialized in the collection of receivables worthwhile. At BLS, our team is specialized in the collection of accounts receivables, having a fully electronic office structure and connection to court via data lines allows for the efficient processing of extensive mandate volume, for example in the sector of telecommunications. Both our lawyers and our collection staff, are dedicated to handling each and every claim utilizing the utmost in professional techniques and cost-effective strategies in order to secure best results in favor of our clients. We support our clients at every step of the way, from the issuance of extrajudicial reminders to legal enforcement, the filing for distraint orders and during insolvency proceedings. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we will give them a professional legal representation and honest evaluation of their legal matter.