05.12.2023 11:00 Age: 133 days
Category: NEWS

BLS intensifies international orientation

BLS joins network of law firms Pangea Net

BLS was already very well connected in other countries to handle cross-border matters efficiently. By joining Pangea Net, BLS is once again significantly strengthening its international focus.

Pangea Net is an international network of independent law firms. It currently connects 1,200 lawyers from 4 continents and 24 countries – from the USA via numerous countries in Europe to India, China, and Hong Kong. The name is a reference to the supercontinent Pangea, which in primeval times, surrounded by a single sea, united all land masses of the earth.

The network was founded in 2009 to guarantee reliable cooperation between qualified lawyers from different countries. The aim is to handle cross-border issues and transnational business interests quickly and successfully. We at BLS Attorneys at Law are proud to have been accepted as exclusive Austrian member of the network Pangea Net due to our expertise.