04.05.2022 11:00 Age: 2 yrs
Category: NEWS

BLS in the JUVE lawyer ranking

JUVE recommends BLS in banking and finance law

The Austrian law firm landscape in the area of banking and finance law was evaluated for the current issue of the “JUVE Magazin für Wirtschaftsjuristen” (JUVE Magazine for Business Lawyers). BLS scored well and once again made it into the renowned ranking.

With its regularly published analyses and rankings, JUVE-Verlag offers a comprehensive overview of the Austrian legal market. More than 2,000 clients, lawyers and representatives of the authorities are surveyed by the JUVE editorial team per year.

The collected experiences and evaluations in the field of banking and finance law were processed in a comprehensive analysis and the most important law firms were included in a ranking. BLS is again represented in the ranking with its team around partner Thomas Boller.

The evaluation of BLS can be found here as a PDF, the entire analysis can be read in the current issue (March/April) of JUVE magazine.