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With respect to the agreement on fees, BLS strives to find an individual solution for everybody since we can offer our clients both the possibility of a flat rate fee as well as hourly rates depending on the situation. BLS offers competent legal advice in a central location at fair fees due to the Lawyer's Tariff and the General Fee Criteria forming the basis of our fees. We are available for an initial legal consultation, which can take place in our office premises, via online meeting or by telephone, at a reduced flat rate. The lawyers of our Vienna law firm provide their consultation, negotiation and litigation services according to our general terms and conditions.

Flat fee

If the necessary services are assessable already in advance because the project can be defined precisely - such as the preparation of General Terms and Conditions or the drafting of contracts - we will be happy to agree upon a flat rate fee. By doing so, you are already from the beginning able to calculate with an estimated fee.

In court cases, however, the necessary services can hardly be estimated. In those cases the Lawyer's Tariff applies. Subject to the Lawyer's Tariff Act, the Lawyer's Tariff defines exactly which fees can be charged for which services. The winning party is entitled to compensation of costs against the losing party.

Within the framework of an ongoing advice we usually agree upon an hourly rate. In absence of an hourly rate agreement, we invoice our services according to the general fee criteria of the Austrian Bar Association or – if applicable – according to the Lawyer's Tariff Act.

In addition to the lawyer's fees, court costs and fees can be incurred, which we will inform you about individually as a matter of course.


The type of service, and in case of an hourly rate also its duration, is being itemized in detail and in a clearly represented way in the fee notes. In those rare cases, where questions do arise, we will be glad to assist you.

For further information please see Brochure attorney fee.



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